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eflexConnect removes the complexities of benefit enrollment and administration. Our technology helps you stay in compliance with the ever-changing rules and regulations of health care reform. We streamline your entire human resources (HR) and benefits enrollment processes with our fully automated, web-based system.

In a changing benefits market, more employers and brokers are searching for ways to simplify communication, administration, and enrollment. Think about the time and money you spend manually processing HR and benefit transactions. While every company’s needs are unique, most employers report being frustrated with:

  • Too much paper
  • Redundant data entry for each carrier
  • Handwritten forms that are difficult to read
  • No way to track enrollments
  • Employee's don't know what benefits are available to them

eflexConnect takes the frustration out of benefit enrollment and administration. We’ve streamlined the entire enrollment and communication process to simplify your process. A recent study by the Cedar Group revealed that employees who utilize online enrollment reduce HR costs by $9 per month. Save time, money, and stress on your staff by eliminating the need for paper, printing, and mailing. No more tedious data entry, manual processing, and compiling enrollment packets—it’s all online!


  • Online benefit enrollment for all benefit plans
  • Optional data exchange with carriers and HR systems
  • On-demand reports and custom reporting suite
  • Optional decision support tools, foreign translation, and total compensation statements
  • Full benefits library with HR, carrier, and vendor forms
  • ACA compliance suite
  • Onboarding functionality
  • Mobile benefits app for iOS and Android devices

For a brief video demo of our solution, click here.

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