FSA Plan Renewal Pathway

Ready to get started? Just follow the simple steps below to renew your eflexFSA 

Step1: Get Employees Excited to Participate!

Here is all the information they need to learn about and enroll in the plan. Download and distribute the FSA enrollment kit to your eligible employees.  

If you're opting to include the new carryover option, please complete the FSA Carryover Amendment and download and distribute the employee Carryover Flyer explaining how it works. If you do not want to include the carryover option, learn more about the 2.5 Extension.

Please note there are other recent IRS changes that could affect your FSA plan. You can amend your plan to allow for expanded election changes for health plan coverage. Simply download and complete the Election Change Amendment. please note that you must inform participants that this change has been made. 

    Step 2: Choose Your Enrollment Option

    1. Online Enrollment -Complete the Online Enrollment Spreadsheet (Excel) with demographic information and your desired Open Enrollment START and END dates. After Open Enrollment ends, we'll send you a report of pre-tax elections for your payroll. 

    Download and distribute the employee online enrollment instructions.

    2. Spreadsheet Enrollment - Download and complete the Enrollment Spreadsheet (Excel).

    Don't forget to:

    • Add the free eflex debit card (makes using funds even easier and increases participation)

    Please contact to request amendment forms and a list of all possible amendment options.

    Step 3: Upload Completed Documents to our Secure Site. Once you've completed the spreadsheet and any amendments:

    • Save the files to a local folder on your computer
    • Contact for instructions and access to our secure upload site. Please include the following information in your request (all fields must be entered):
      • Company Name
      • Your Name
      • Email address
      • Date you'll need access (access granted for 5 days)
    • You'll receive an automated response with upload instructions usually within 1 business day of your request.  NOTE: You may upload all documents, including Direct Deposit Forms (and copies of voided checks) to our secure site. Your files will be encrypted automatically to ensure the safest and speediest transmission.

    Step 4: Sit Back and Relax. We'll take it from here! Thanks for choosing to stay with eflex. We're delighted to have you back!

    "Every time I call with questions all reps are quick to answer and make me feel at ease!"

    Maria Almanza
    SCI Companies