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The eflex Card works a like a credit card, except it has a stored value instead of a credit limit. The stored value is the employee’s available balance under the eflexFSA. The eflex Card is valid from year-to-year and automatically renewed as long as the employee is enrolled in the FSA plan up to the expiration date printed on the card.
  • Using the card is easy, and using your "flex dollars" is instant. 
  • In many cases, we don't need to ask for a receipt for purchases made using the eflex Card. 
  • Many employers see plan participation double when they offer the eflex Card.
  • There are no transaction fees or pin numbers with the eflex Card.
  • Employees simply swipe the eflex Card at the provider location and choose the “credit card” option.
  • Funds are instantly withdrawn from the FSA and paid to the provider.
  • No manual claim filing and no more waiting for reimbursement.

The card is merchant coded. Every merchant who accepts VISA is assigned one of roughly 1,000 merchant codes. The codes are listed according to industry (e.g., restaurant, pharmacy, dental office). Only valid merchant codes are “open” to the card, which means if someone tries to use the card at a restaurant or gas station, it would be declined. It will also decline payment for non-covered expenses, like vitamins. The card is also coded for merchandise through the IIAS (Information Identification Approval System) at some locations, primarily pharmacies. If the merchant has implemented the IIAS, the item may be approved at the point of purchase. You may visit the Flexpert links on our website to see a list of IIAS merchants.

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