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eflex is a different kind of TPA. We're constantly improving our products and services to remain the best TPA on the market. With eflex exclusives like custom debit cards and private label websites, we keep setting the mark higher.

  • eflex Debit Card. The eflex Card works a like a credit card, except it has a stored value. Participants simply swipe the card at the point of purchase for eligible expenses. Funds are automatically pulled from their eflex account and paid to the provider. Click here for more information about the eflex Card.

  • Customized eflex Card. We can customize the eflex Card with your company's logo, creating a seamless branding scheme and personal feel.

  • Private Label Websites. We can customize a "skin" that matches your company website where employees can find all the current information and forms for their flex plan. It looks like your website, feels like your website, and it's on your website -but it's powered by eflex.
  • eflex Benefits Mobile App. Our mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android users. It allows customers to check their eflex account anytime, anywhere. No more wondering how much money you have left while at the doctor's office, or waiting to find out if your claim has been paid. 

  • Payroll Partnership. Partner with eflex to offer your clients top-notch FSA, HRA, HSA, Transportation and COBRA benefits right on your website. Your clients will enjoy a seamless solution because payroll deductions and reports will come directly from you to eflex. It’s the perfect way to provide your clients with high quality tax free employee benefits that are embedded into your services and powered by eflex.

  • ACA Compliance. We've partnered with Tango Health to offer you solutions to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance challenges facing employers. Click here for more information
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