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eflexTransit is an employee benefit plan that allows you to set aside a portion of your gross salary to pay for work-related parking and mass transit expenses on a pre-tax basis.

Expenses that are eligible for reimbursement under the eflexTransit include:

  • Parking your vehicle in a facility at or near your place of employment
  • Parking at a location from where you commute, e.g., a train station
  • Transit passes to and from work, including the cost of tokens, passes, fare cards, and vouchers.
  • Mass transit public systems (Mass transit can be a public system, or a private enterprise provided by a company or individual who is in the business of transporting people in a "commuter highway vehicle.")
  • Transportation provided by a qualified private transportation company

Please note: separate reimbursement accounts are maintained for parking and mass transit expenses; funds can't be combined or transferred between accounts.

How Much Can I Contribute to the eflexTransit?

You may elect any pre-tax amount up to the monthly maximums set by the IRS. In some cases, the monthly maximum may not be enough to cover your transit expenses. For your convenience, you may add post-tax dollars to your eflexTransit accounts.

San Francisco Employers: Set up our eflexTransit plan and satisfy all requirements of the San Francisco Transit Ordinance.

For more information about eflexTransit please download our eflexTransit flyer or contact eflex Sales at or toll free at 1-877-933-3539, ext 300.

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